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Mission statement

The successor of the Municipal Museum of Debrecen, the Déri Museum has been preserving the cultural heritage of Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar County, and world cultural history. Figyes Déri donated his significant collection to the museum in 1920, and the original collection was enriched by numerous other donations in the past decades. Today the Déri Museum has one of the most complex collections in the country, and historically, geographically connects the farthest points of the world. This complexity defines the collecting strategy of the museum. During collecting our aim is to make the collections complete, and maintain balance and harmony between the different branches of museology.

The Déri Museum is the most important and the most significant scene of the local communal remembrance. The ultimate mission of the museum is to collect, conserve, protect, process, and exhibit rich relics of local history. Exhibitions and professional programmes of the Déri Museum have been developed according to local demand. The collections of the museum serve as treasures of knowledge for educational and scientific work. The fundamental aim of the museum is to spread and make knowledge accessible and usable, and actively participate in the educational work of different local, regional institutions, such as kindergartens, primary schools, colleges, and universities. Further goal of the museum is to provide an open window to the world by exhibiting artefacts of ancient or geographically distant cultures.

The Déri Museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar County and the region. The museum wish to engage more visitors with quality programmes and exhibitions generate demand for cultural values by providing both knowledge and entertainment. Exhibitions, programmes are organized, and publications are designed to preserve the leading cultural position of the museum, and to provide a unique tourist attraction in the region.

Our municipal institution operates as a county museum, a service centre of the county. The museum carries out conservation tasks in the county, and supports professional development of museum pedagogy programmes.

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