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Magyar Géniusz


Hungarian Genius

Temporary traveling exhibition


A significant part of Hungarian cultural heritage is preserved in rural museums. Their quantity and value are extraordinary. However, it is mostly only available to the local public, and one does not travel hundreds of kilometers for a famous artefact. The Hungarian Genius traveling exhibition is designed to present the geniuses of the region in a representative way. It embodies Hungarian thought, Hungarian feeling, national heroes, and local traditions. Participating museums lent their particularly valuable artefacts to the announced idea.

The exhibition started in Kecskemét in April 2022, and after Gyula, it was open in Debrecen on August 17 in the Déri Museum. Its further stations will be Győr, Szombathely, Szekszárd and Eger, and it will finally arrive to Budapest at the end of 2023.

Its novelty is reflected both in its thoughtfulness and in its extraordinary visual world. Not only the creation of the exhibition is revolutionary, but it also strove for modernity in terms of visual solutions too. The Hungarian Géniusz exhibition strives to show the heterogeneous ensemble of artefacts while maintaining their independence, yet in unity with each other.


The exhibition can be seen at the Déri Museum from August 17 to September 25.

Entrance ticket: full-price ticket 600 HUF, discounted ticket 300 HUF, and family ticket HUF 1,100



Teljes árú belépőjegy
600 Ft/fő
Kedvezményes belépőjegy
(6-26 év között, 62-70 év között)
300 Ft/fő
6 éven aluliaknak
70 év felettieknek
Családi belépő
(2 felnőtt és max. 3 iskolás korú gyermek)
1.200 Ft/család
3.000 Ft/ csoport

A fizetés módja: készpénz. SZÉP kártyát, utalványt nem fogadunk el.

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